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About George Ann Johnson

George Ann Johnson is becoming highly recognized for her unique and detailed wildlife portraitures in scratchboard. In particular, George Ann’s work is blessed with the ability to view beauty, not so much from an external perspective, but from an internal perspective. The “eyes” of her subjects speak – there is an internal voice that arises from her artwork. It is unique. It is only through her exceptional drawing skills arising from natural talent and years of training that her work is communicated. The subjects come to life and then speak. A great satisfaction is gained in viewing her art – not once – but through time.


George Ann has always been involved in artistic adventures. Professionally, George Ann has been an active artist for over 30 years. Having a strong natural talent, she initially began her career painting professional race horses to help support her own horse business. This eventually led her into starting her own commercial art company. Her Kansas City-based company was utilized by businesses throughout the country. After several years of commercial art, she began to focus on fine art, attending the Danforth Museum of Fine Art near Boston, Massachusetts. She has been influenced by many artists, including John Seerey-Lester, Cynthia Carson, Randy LeSage, and Sally Maxwell. George Ann has presented several workshops and was an instructor at East Central University.


George Ann is currently working in scratchboard. This medium has enabled her to capture the level of detail required to transfer the natural beauty of the animal. It is through thousands of strokes that the finest details of the animal are brought to life. Through patience, skill, and talent, the quality of George Ann’s scratchboard pieces is becoming highly recognized. As a finalist in numerous competitions, her art is commonly shown in The Artist’s and Southwest Art magazines. Her work is currently being published in Strokes of Genius 10.